Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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Sigv Lv 14I/4 — hás ‘of towering’

Kaup varð daprt, þars djúpan,
dróttinrækt, of sóttu,
þeir es, heim, á himnum,
hás elds, svikum belldu.

Dróttinrækt kaup varð daprt á himnum, þars of sóttu djúpan heim hás elds, þeir es belldu svikum.

The lord-rejecting bargain was dismal in the heavens, when they sought the deep world of towering flame [HELL], those who committed treason.


[4] hás elds: so 972ˣ, 68, Holm4, 61, 325V, , J2ˣ, ‘has ells’ Holm2, ‘haselldr’ 321ˣ, ‘a sęllz’ Bb, hvass elds Flat




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