Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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Sigv Lv 7I/7 — þinnar ‘your’

Nú eru mælt, en mála
meir kunnum skil fleiri,
orð, þaus oss of varða
alls mest, konungr, flestra.
Goð láti þik gæta,
geðharðr konungr, jarðar,
(víst hefk þann) þvít, þinnar,
þúst tilborinn (vilja).

Nú eru orð mælt, þaus flestra of varða oss mest alls, konungr, en meir kunnum skil fleiri mála. Goð láti þik gæta jarðar þinnar, geðharðr konungr, þvít þúst tilborinn; víst hefk þann vilja.

Now the words are spoken which, of most [words], are of greatest importance to us [me], king, but further we [I] possess discernment in other matters. May God allow you to take care of your land, mind-resolute king, because you are born to it; truly I have that wish.


[7] þinnar: þínar Tóm


[7] þinnar ‘your’: Under the interpretation above, this separates þvít ‘because’ from the clause it introduces. To simplify the word order, Kock (NN §673) construes the word with til borinn / tilborinn (l. 8), which gives the meaning ‘born to yours’, ‘born to the kingdom you possess’, with þinnar referring back to jarðar ‘land, territory’.



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