Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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Sigv Lv 3I/4 — þínu ‘your’

Ek tók lystr, né lastak
— leyfð íð es þat — síðan,
sóknar Njǫrðr, við sverði
— sás mínn vili — þínu.
Þollr, fekkt húskarl hollan
— hǫfum ráðit vel báðir —
látrs, en ek lánardróttin,
linns blóða, mér góðan.

Ek tók lystr við sverði þínu, Njǫrðr sóknar, né lastak síðan; sás vili mínn; þat es leyfð íð. Þollr látrs blóða linns, fekkt hollan húskarl, en ek mér góðan lánardróttin; hǫfum báðir ráðit vel.

I accepted, eager, your sword, Njǫrðr <god> of combat [WARRIOR], and I will not find fault with it afterwards; this is what I wish; it is a praiseworthy occupation. Fir-tree of the lair of the serpent’s brother [SERPENT > GOLD > MAN], you got a loyal retainer, and I [got] for myself a good liege lord; we have both decided well.


[4] þínu: þanninn 325XI 2 l


[1, 3, 4] ek tók við sverði þínu ‘I accepted your sword’: In the ceremony of investiture as a retainer, the king would hold the haft of his sword over his right knee, and the aspiring retainer would grasp the haft with his right hand: see Hirðskrá chs 31, 43 (ed. Meissner 1938; Imsen 2000).



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