Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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Anon Brúðv 8VII/5 — dýrum ‘with noble’

Hlakkar gjörðiz hugþekkr
herðir (sem gietið verðr)
snotr fyrir sinn hátt
(síðar í bragsmíð),
því að dýrum dólg-Freyr
dáðum prýddi sitt ráð,
en lasta, vel víst,
vansa firðiz líf hans.

Snotr herðir hlakkar gjörðiz hugþekkr fyrir sinn hátt, sem verðr gietið síðar í bragsmíð, því að dólg-Freyr prýddi víst vel ráð sitt dýrum dáðum, en líf hans firðiz vansa lasta.

The wise promoter of battle [WARRIOR] became endeared for his conduct, as will be mentioned later in the poem, because the battle-Freyr <god> [WARRIOR] certainly adorned well his way of life with noble deeds, and his life was kept from the disgrace of vices.



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