Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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Anon Brúðv 2VII/8 — vazta ‘of the fishing-grounds’

Meira veiti oss ör*
ágæt*, en eg beðið fá,
fyrða, sú er fremst er,
fullting dróttning,
því að ljóða lofsmíð
ljóssi — það er skylt oss —
vanda skal eg vita grund
vazta, sem eg kann bazt.

Ágæt*, ör*, dróttning fyrða, sú er fremst er, veiti oss meira fullting, en eg fá beðið, því að eg skal vanda lofsmíð ljóða ljóssi grund vita vazta, sem bazt eg kann; það er oss skylt.

May the splendid, generous queen of men [= Mary], who is the most outstanding, grant us [me] more help than I can ask for, because I will carefully make the praise-work of poetry for the bright land of the beacon of the fishing-grounds [GOLD > WOMAN] as best I can; that is our [my] duty.


[8] vazta: so 399a‑bˣ, 2166ˣ, ‘vakta’ 721, 1032ˣ


[8] vazta (f. nom. vöst) ‘of the fishing-grounds’: This reading of 399a-bˣ and 2166ˣ provides the determinant in the gold-kenning viti vazta ‘the beacon of the fishing grounds’. The reading of 721 and 1032ˣ, ‘vakta’, seems to be corrupted and does not make sense here.




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