Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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Þstf Lv 2II/2 — stef ‘a stanza’

Þú vændir mér, Þrœnda
þengill, ef stef fengak
frænda Serks at fundi,
folkrakkr, gefa nakkvat.
Lézt, at Hôkon héti,
hildingr inn fémildi,
(nú samir mér at minnask)
mǫrstrútr (á þat gǫrva).

Folkrakkr þengill Þrœnda, þú vændir gefa mér nakkvat, ef fengak stef at fundi frænda Serks. Inn fémildi hildingr, lézt, at Hôkon héti mǫrstrútr; nú samir mér at minnask gǫrva á þat.

Battle-brave lord of the Þrœndir [NORWEGIAN KING = Sigurðr], you promised to give me something if I could produce a stanza at the meeting with Serkr’s kinsman [= Hákon]. Generous monarch, you said that Hákon was called mǫrstrútr (‘Lump of Lard’); now it’s only fitting for me to recall that perfectly.


[2] ef fengak stef ‘if I could produce a stanza’: Lit. ‘if I could obtain a refrain’. For the meaning ‘stanza’ of stef, see LP: stef 2.



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