Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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Stúfr Stúfdr 1II/5 — bræðir ‘the feeder’

Vissak hildar hvessi
— hann vas nýztr at kanna —
af góðum byr Gríðar
gagnsælan mér fagna,
þás blóðstara bræðir
baugum grimmr at Haugi
gjarn með gylltu horni
gekk sjalfr á mik drekka.

Vissak gagnsælan hvessi hildar fagna mér af góðum byr Gríðar—hann vas nýztr at kanna—, þás bræðir blóðstara, grimmr baugum, gekk sjalfr gjarn drekka á mik með gylltu horni at Haugi.

I knew the victory-blessed inciter of war [WARRIOR] to welcome me with a good wind of Gríðr <giantess> [MIND]—he was the most bountiful to know—, when the feeder of the blood-starling [RAVEN > WARRIOR], ferocious to rings, himself went willingly to toast me with the gilded horn at Haug.


[5] bræðir: bræði E, J2ˣ, 42ˣ



case: nom.


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