Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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SnH Lv 5II/3 — bǫrg ‘a boar’

Grís þá greppr at ræsi
gruntrauðustum dauðan;
Njǫrðr sér bǫrg á borði
bauglands fyr sér standa.
Runa síður lítk rauðar;
ræðk skjótgǫrvu kvæði;
rana hefr seggr af svíni
— send heill, konungr! — brenndan.

Greppr þá dauðan grís at gruntrauðustum ræsi; Njǫrðr bauglands sér bǫrg standa fyr sér á borði. Lítk rauðar síður runa; ræðk skjótgǫrvu kvæði; seggr hefr brenndan rana af svíni; send heill, konungr!

The poet got a dead pig from the most deceit-shy monarch; the Njǫrðr <god> of the shield-boss-land [SHIELD > WARRIOR] sees a boar standing before him on the table. I see the red sides of the pig; I produce a quickly composed poem; a man has singed the snout off the swine; thanks for the helping, king!


[3] bǫrg: baugs Hr, burg Flat, ‘bijngz’ 563aˣ



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