Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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Sigv Berv 14II/7 — flaums ‘precipitate’

Eitt es mál, þats mæla:
‘minn dróttinn leggr sína
eign á óðǫl þegna’;
ǫfgask búendr gǫfgir.
Rán mun seggr, hinns sína
selr út, í því telja,
flaums at fellidómi
fǫðurleifð konungs greifum.

Eitt es mál, þats mæla: ‘dróttinn minn leggr eign sína á óðǫl þegna’; gǫfgir búendr ǫfgask. Seggr, hinns selr út fǫðurleifð sína greifum konungs at fellidómi flaums, mun telja rán í því.

They all say the same thing: ‘my lord appropriates his subjects’ ancestral properties’; proud farmers revolt. That man, who parcels out his patrimony to the king’s counts according to precipitate rulings, will call that robbery.


[7] flaums: fráns H, Hr, ‘farns’ 325XI 3, fárs Flat


[7] fellidómi flaums ‘precipitate rulings’: Lit. ‘pronounced judgements of rush’. Refers to Magnús’s high-handed confiscation of the properties of his father’s former enemies without due procedure (see ÍF 28, 25-6).



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