Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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Sigv Berv 13II/3 — þínum ‘your’

Hverr eggjar þik, harri
heiptarstrangr, at ganga
(opt reynir þú) þínum
(þunn stôl) á bak môlum?
Fastorðr skyli fyrða
fengsæll vesa þengill;
hœfir heit at rjúfa,
hjaldrmǫgnuðr, þér aldri.

Hverr eggjar þik, heiptarstrangr harri, at ganga á bak môlum þínum? Opt reynir þú þunn stôl. Fengsæll þengill fyrða skyli vesa fastorðr; aldri hœfir þér at rjúfa heit, hjaldrmǫgnuðr.

Who urges you, vengeful lord, to go back on your promises? Frequently you test slender swords. A prosperous prince of the people must be true to his word; it is never proper for you to break your pledges, battle-increaser [WARRIOR].


[3] þínum: þinna 61, þýðum H, Hr



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