Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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Mberf Lv 1II/3 — húf ‘hull’

Auð hefk minn, þanns mǫnnum
margteitum réðk veita,
húf létk kløkkvan klífa
kolgur — illa folginn.

Hefk folginn auð minn, þanns réðk veita margteitum mǫnnum, illa; létk kløkkvan húf klífa kolgur.

I have invested my wealth, which I gave to my most cheerful men, unwisely; I let the flexible hull climb the breakers.


[3] húf: kjǫl 325III α, R702ˣ


[3] húf ‘hull’: Denotes the middle planks between the stem and the stern (see Falk 1912, 51, 53; Jesch 2001a, 143-4). Kjǫl ‘keel’ (so 325III α, R702ˣ) leaves the l. with three alliterating staves.



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