Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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Mark Eirdr 32II/2 — vǫrðr ‘guardian’

Fjarri hefr at fœðisk dýrri
flotna vǫrðr á élkers botni
— hôva leyfir hverr maðr ævi
hringvarpaðar — gjalfri kringðum.

Fjarri hefr at dýrri vǫrðr flotna fœðisk á gjalfri kringðum botni élkers; hverr maðr leyfir hôva ævi hringvarpaðar.

It is unlikely that a more precious guardian of sea-warriors [RULER] might be born on the surge-encircled bottom of the storm-vessel [SKY/HEAVEN > EARTH]; each person praises the noble life of the ring-thrower [GENEROUS RULER].




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