Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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Mark Eirdr 21II/7 — aldar ‘of people’

Eirekr vas með uppreist hôri;
undan flýðu Vinðr af stundu;
gjǫld festu þá grimmir hauldar;
gumnar urðu sigri numnir.
Yngvi talði erfðir þangat;
alþýða varð stilli hlýða;
veldi réð því ástvinr aldar
einart; lá þat fyrr und Sveini.

Eirekr vas með hôri uppreist; Vinðr flýðu undan af stundu; grimmir hauldar festu þá gjǫld; gumnar urðu numnir sigri. Yngvi talði erfðir þangat; alþýða varð hlýða stilli; ástvinr aldar réð því veldi einart; þat lá fyrr und Sveini.

Eiríkr had great success; the Wends fled from there without delay; fierce freeholders then pledged tribute; men were deprived of victory. The king declared his inheritance rights there; all the people had to obey the prince; the beloved friend of people [RULER] ruled that realm continuously; that lay previously under Sveinn.




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