Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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Mark Eirdr 19II/2 — hǫmlu ‘of the staff’

Heiðinn vildi herr of síðir
hǫmlu vígs ór porti gǫmlu;
urðu þeir, es virki vǫrðu
vangi næst, á hǫnd at ganga.

Heiðinn herr hǫmlu vígs vildi of síðir ór gǫmlu porti; þeir, es vǫrðu virki næst vangi, urðu at ganga á hǫnd.

The heathen host of the staff of battle [SPEAR] wished [to escape] at last from the old stronghold; those who defended the fort nearest the plain had to submit.


[2] hǫmlu vígs ór porti gǫmlu: ‘[…]’ 20b I


[1, 2] heiðinn herr hǫmlu vígs ‘the heathen host of the staff of battle [SPEAR]’: I.e., a troop armed with spears. So Skald, ÍF 35. For an alternative interpretation, see Note to l. 4 below.




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