Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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Mark Eirdr 9II/1 — Bróðir ‘The brother’

Bróðir gekk í Bôr út síðan
— bragningr vildi guðdóm magna —
(hylli guðs mun hlífa stilli)
hǫfuðskjǫldunga fimm (at gjǫldum).

Bróðir fimm hǫfuðskjǫldunga gekk síðan út í Bôr; bragningr vildi magna guðdóm; hylli guðs mun at gjǫldum hlífa stilli.

The brother of five principal kings [= Eiríkr] then walked out to Bari; the ruler wanted to strengthen God’s dominion; the grace of God will in return protect the prince.




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