Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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Mark Eirdr 1II/1 — dýrri ‘a choice’

Harra kveðk at hróðrgjǫrð dýrri
hauklundaðan Dana grundar.

Kveðk hauklundaðan harra grundar Dana at dýrri hróðrgjǫrð.

I summon the hawk-minded lord of the land of the Danes [= Nikulás Sveinsson] to a choice work of praise.


[1] kveðk at dýrri hróðrgjǫrð ‘I summon to a choice work of praise’: Kveðja e-n at e-u ‘summon sby to sth., call on sby to listen to sth.’ is a standard introductory formula in praise poetry (see LP: kveðja 4). Hence it is likely that the couplet formed the introduction to Eirdr (see also Fidjestøl 1982, 152 and Anon Mlag 1/1, 2).



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