Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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Máni Lv 2II/6 — aldir ‘the people’

Slœgr ferr gaurr með gígju
— ginns hér komit inni —
— meiðr hefr skjaldar skóða
skrípalôt — ok pípu.
Rekkr lætr rauða bikkju
— rækið skvaldr — fyr aldir
— skulut hlýða því þjóðir —
— þats skaup — of staf hlaupa.

Slœgr gaurr ferr með gígju ok pípu; hérs ginn komit inni; meiðr skóða skjaldar hefr skrípalôt. Rekkr lætr rauða bikkju hlaupa of staf fyr aldir; rækið skvaldr; þjóðir skulut hlýða því; þats skaup.

The sly rascal has a fiddle and a flute; falsehood has come inside here; the tree of the shield’s dangerous tools [SWORDS > WARRIOR] has strange gestures. The fine fellow lets a red bitch leap over a staff before the people; chase away the stupid racket; men must not listen to that; it is mockery.



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