Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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Kolli Ingdr 5II/3 — hrósak ‘I praise’

Syndi sjalfr at landi,
snjallr, en þú brátt allri,
— vel of hrósak því — vísi,
valkǫstr, Munins fǫstu.
Ulfs bǫrnum varð arnar
einkar tíðr í víðu
— borð ruðu frægir fyrðar —
fundr Langeyjarsundi.

Sjalfr valkǫstr syndi at landi, en þú, snjallr vísi, brátt allri fǫstu Munins; vel of hrósak því. Fundr arnar varð einkar tíðr bǫrnum ulfs í víðu Langeyjarsundi; frægir fyrðar ruðu borð.

The very corpse-heap floated ashore and you, brave prince, put an end to the whole fast of Muninn <raven>; indeed I praise that. The encounter with the eagle was especially welcome to the brood of the wolf in wide Langösund; famous men reddened ship-planks.


[3] hrósak: hrósar Mork


[3] hrósak (1st pers. sg. pres. indic.) ‘I praise’: Emended from hrósar (3rd pers. sg. pres. indic.) for contextual reasons (the poet is the one who praises the deed). For this l., see also ESk Øxfl 4/3III.



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