Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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Kolli Ingdr 4II/8 — Sigvarðar ‘of Sigurðr’

Rauðri dreif, þás rjúfa
réð ǫld fyr gram skjǫldu,
mjǫll, áðr Magnús felli
morðgjarn, þrumu jarna.
Harmar engr, þvít, Ingi,
átt ráða vel láði
(dǫkk fell drjúgt á skokka)
dráp Sigvarðar (vápna).

Rauðri mjǫll þrumu jarna dreif, þás ǫld réð rjúfa skjǫldu fyr gram, áðr morðgjarn Magnús felli. Engr harmar dráp Sigvarðar, þvít, Ingi, átt vel ráða láði; dǫkk vápna fell drjúgt á skokka.

The red snow-flakes of the roar of weapons [BATTLE > BLOOD] drifted when men split shields before the ruler, before battle-eager Magnús fell. No one mourns the slaying of Sigurðr, because you, Ingi, are fully entitled to rule the land; the pool of weapons [BLOOD] fell persistently onto the bottom-boards.


[8] Sigvarðar: Sigurðar Mork


[8] Sigvarðar ‘of Sigurðr’: The short form of the name (‘Sigurðar’) has been normalised to the more archaic long form (‘Sigvarðar’) for metrical reasons (the first syllable of this trisyllabic word must be long; see Kuhn 1937, 58-9).



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