Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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Kolli Ingdr 3II/7 — þínu ‘your’

Lýsa munk, hvé ljósa
— laut hrafn í ben Gauta —
— ǫrn fylldit sik sjaldan —
sárísa rauð vísi.
Goldit varð, þeims gerðu,
glaumherðǫndum sverða,
— rauns at ríki þínu
róg, á Krókaskógi.

Munk lýsa, hvé vísi rauð ljósa sárísa; hrafn laut í ben Gauta; ǫrn fylldit sik sjaldan. Sverða glaumherðǫndum, þeims gerðu róg, varð goldit á Krókaskógi; rauns at ríki þínu.

I shall describe how the ruler reddened bright wound-icicles [SWORDS]; the raven bent over the wounds of the Gautar; not seldom did the eagle sate itself. The strengtheners of the racket of swords [(lit. ‘racket-strengtheners of swords’) BATTLE > WARRIORS] who caused strife were repaid in Sörbygden; there is proof of your power.



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