Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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Kolb Jónv 5VII/1 — hátt ‘high’

Frami gengr hátt, sás himna
herteitir þér veitir,
snardeilandi sólar
sunds, á margar lundir.
Hárs á hvern veg meiri
hyrbjóðr, an kyn þjóðar,
Alda garðs, með orðum
yðra dýrð geti skýrða.

Frami, sás himna her teitir veitir þér, gengr hátt á margar lundir, snardeilandi sólar sunds. Hár Alda garðs hyrbjóðr [e]s meiri á hvern veg, an kyn þjóðar geti skýrða yðra dýrð með orðum.

That distinction which the gladdener of the host of the heavens [(lit. ‘host-gladdener of the heavens’) ANGELS > = God (= Christ)] grants you rises high in many ways, speedy distributer of the sun of the sound [GOLD > GENEROUS MAN]. The high offerer of the fire of the fence of Alden <island> [(lit. ‘high fire-offerer of the Alden-fence’) SEA > GOLD > GENEROUS MAN] is greater in every way than the family of people [MANKIND] are able to expound your glory with words.



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