Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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Hhárf Snædr 1I/6 — framm ‘forth’

Hneggi berk æ ugg
ótta; hlýði mér drótt;
dána vekk dul at mey
drauga á kerlaug.
Drôpu lætk ór Dvalins greip
dynja, meðan framm hrynr
— rekkum býðk Regins drykk
réttan — á bragar stétt.

Berk æ ugg hneggi ótta; drótt hlýði mér; vekk dul at mey dána á kerlaug drauga; lætk drôpu dynja ór greip Dvalins, meðan hrynr framm á stétt bragar; býðk rekkum réttan drykk Regins.

I constantly carry trepidation in the rock of fear [HEART]; let the company hear me; I bring to light a delusion after the maiden’s death in the cup-liquid of the undead [POETRY]; I make the drápa ring out from the grasp of Dvalinn <dwarf> [MOUTH], as it rushes forth on the path of poetry [TONGUE]; I offer men a correct drink of Reginn <dwarf> [POETRY].


[6] dynja ..., meðan hrynr framm ‘ring out ..., as it rushes forth’: The placement of the two verbs in this line conflicts with their meaning and natural collocations (despite Kock’s explanation, NN §1806). Expected would be hrynr ór Dvalins greip ‘rushes from Dvalinn’s grasp [MOUTH]’ and dynja á bragar stétt ‘ring out on the path of poetry [BREAST]’. Finnur Jónsson in Skj B and Reichardt (1928, 113) punctuate in such a way as to bring out these linkages, but that results in a very convoluted intercalation of sentence components.



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