Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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Hharð Lv 10II/4 — framm ‘forth’

Hjoggu harða dyggvir
hirðmenn Dani stirða;
sótti ferð á flótta
framm; en þat vas skǫmmu.
Hitt vas fyrr, es fjarri
fóstrlandi rauðk branda;
sverð í Serkja garði
sǫng; en þat vas lǫngu.

Harða dyggvir hirðmenn hjoggu stirða Dani; ferð sótti framm á flótta; en þat vas skǫmmu. Hitt vas fyrr, es rauðk branda fjarri fóstrlandi; sverð sǫng í garði Serkja; en þat vas lǫngu.

The most loyal retainers cut down relentless Danes; the troop rushed forth in flight; and that was recently. It was earlier when I reddened the blades far from my native land; the sword sang in the stronghold of the Saracens; but that was long ago.



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