Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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Gísl Magnkv 20II/2 — sem ‘as’

Fylgðak frœknum,        sem framast kunnak,
Eysteins fǫður        í Atals drífu.
Opt brák hjǫrvi        með Haralds frænda
vanr vásfǫrum,        þars vega þurfti.

Fylgðak frœknum fǫður Eysteins í drífu Atals, sem framast kunnak. Opt brák, vanr vásfǫrum, hjǫrvi með frænda Haralds, þars þurfti vega.

I followed the bold father of Eysteinn [= Magnús] in Atall’s <sea-king’s> snow-storm [BATTLE] as best I could. Often I, accustomed to hard journeys, brandished the sword with Haraldr’s kinsman [= Magnús], where one needed to fight.


[2] sem: sem ek all



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