Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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Gamlkan Has 54VII/7 — andar ‘the soul’s’

Sôlu veittak, sættir,
— sárrs minn … —
bana hættligar benjar,
bragna kyns, fyr synðir.
Nú beiðum þik, þjóðar
þrekfœðandi, grœða
andar sôr, þaus óru
ósvífr glata lífi.

Sættir kyns bragna, veittak … sôlu hættligar benjar bana fyr synðir; sárrs minn …. Nú beiðum þik, þrekfœðandi þjóðar, grœða andar sôr, þaus ósvífr glata lífi óru.

Reconciler of the kindred of heroes [MEN > = God], I dealt … soul dangerous wounds of death because of my sins; bitter is my …. Now we [I] beg you, strength-nourisher of the people [= God], to heal the soul’s wounds which, relentless, destroy our [my] life.


[7] andar: ‘[...]ar’ B, ‘ạṇdar’ 399a‑bˣ, ‘[...](dar)’(?) BRydberg, (an)dar(?) BFJ



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