Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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Gamlkan Has 53VII/2 — þinna ‘of your’

Slík styrkja mik merki,
minn guð, … þinna,
þótt atferðin yrði
ór herfilig stórum,
leiptra hróts at láta
láðvaldr muni aldri
glaðr, ef glœpa iðrumk,
glóða mik fyr róða.

Slík merki þinna … styrkja mik, minn guð, þótt ór atferðin yrði stórum herfilig, at glaðr láðvaldr glóða hróts leiptra muni aldri láta mik fyr róða, ef iðrumk glœpa.

Such tokens of your … strengthen me, my God, even though our [my] behaviour were to become very shameful, that the glad ruler of the land of the fires of the roof of lightnings [(lit. ‘land-ruler of the fires of the roof of lightnings’) SKY/HEAVEN > HEAVENLY BODIES > SKY/HEAVEN > = God] will never cast me to the winds, if I repent of my sins.


[2] þinna: ‘[...]nna’ B, ‘un[...](þi)nna’(?) 399a‑bˣ, ‘v(n)[...]inna’(?) BRydberg, ‘vn[...](þi)nna’(?) BFJ



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