Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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Gamlkan Has 34VII/6 — aldar ‘of men’

Vér getk, fátt at fœrim
framm í orða glammi
at dáðgeymis mi
dýrðargjarns of varnir,
áðr ef eigi réðum
aldar kyns fyr synðir
— heldr reynisk þat hǫlðum
hætt — við gram til sættar.

Getk, at vér fœrim fátt framm of varnir í glammi orða at mi dýrðargjarns dáðgeymis, ef réðum eigi áðr til sættar fyr synðir við gram aldarkyns; þat reynisk hǫlðum heldr hætt.

I believe that we will advance our defences poorly in a babble of words at the Judgement of the glory-eager deed-guardian [= God (= Christ)], if previously we have not made peace for our sins with the prince of the race of men [MANKIND > = God]; that will prove rather dangerous for men.



case: gen.
number: sg.


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