Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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Gamlkan Has 26VII/5 — þinni ‘your’

Hverr myndi s hendir
harðgeðr loga fjarðar,
éla ranns (ef ynni)
ítr … (þér) rítar,
at, þreknenninn, þinni
…, sættandi, mætti
ógrátandi, ýta,
ormlands hjá kvǫl standa?

Ítr … rítar ranns éla, hverr hendir loga fjarðar myndi s harðgeðr, ef ynni þér, at … ormlands mætti standa ógrátandi hjá þinni kvǫl, þreknenninn sættandi ýta?

Glorious … of the shield of the house of storms [SKY/HEAVEN > SUN > = God (= Christ)], which distributor of the fire of the fjord [GOLD > GENEROUS MAN] could [be] so hard-minded, if he loved you, that [he], a … of the snake-land [GOLD > MAN] might stand unweeping by your Passion, powerful reconciler of men [= God (= Christ)]?



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