Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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Gamlkan Has 24VII/8 — þín ‘of yours’

Hlaut af yðr sem aðrir
auðbrjótr meginskjóta,
láðs, þeirs lǫstum eyða,
líkn, skepjandi ríkis.
Sókndeili* hézt sælu,
sannvíss, paradísar,
— gæf reyndusk þau þjófi
þín heit — friðar veitir.

Auðbrjótr hlaut meginskjóta líkn af yðr, skepjandi ríkis láðs, sem aðrir, þeirs eyða lǫstum. Sannvíss veitir friðar hézt sókndeili* sælu paradísar; þau heit þín reyndusk þjófi gæf.

The destroyer of riches [GENEROUS MAN] received very swift mercy from you, creator of the kingdom of the land [EARTH > = God (= Christ)], like those others who leave off sins. Truly certain giver of peace [= God (= Christ)] you promised the battle-dealer [WARRIOR] the bliss of Paradise; those promises of yours proved beneficial to the thief.


[8] þín heit friðar veitir: A strikingly similar l. – sín heit friðar veitir – occurs at Pl 31/8.



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