Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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Gamlkan Has 2VII/6 — dýrri ‘more precious’

Engr má elda sløngvir
— allvíst es þat — Mistar
maklig orð til mærðar
minn dróttinn þér finna,
þars, élhallar, ǫllu
est, skýrr konungr, dýrri,
rómu linns þvís runnar
rammglyggs megi of hyggja.

Engr sløngvir elda Mistar má finna maklig orð þér til mærðar, dróttinn minn — þat es allvíst —, þars est, skýrr konungr élhallar, dýrri ǫllu, þvís runnar rammglyggs linns rómu megi of hyggja.

No slinger of the fires of Mist <valkyrie> [SWORDS > WARRIOR] can find fitting words in praise of you, my Lord — that is altogether true — because you are, pure king of the storm-hall [SKY/HEAVEN > = God], more precious than all that which bushes of the strong storm of the snake of battle [SWORD > BATTLE > WARRIORS] may imagine.



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