Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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Eyv Hál 4I/5 —  ‘horse’

En Goðlaugr
grimman tamði
við ofrkapp
Sigars ,
es synir Yngva
við meið riðu.

En Goðlaugr tamði grimman Sigars við ofrkapp austrkonunga, es synir Yngva riðu menglǫtuð við meið.

But Guðlaugr tamed the savage horse of Sigarr <legendary king> [GALLOWS], because of the belligerence of the eastern kings, when the sons of Yngvi fastened the ring-destroyer [GENEROUS MAN] to the tree.


[5] jó: hjó J2ˣ


[5] jó Sigars ‘the horse of Sigarr <legendary king> [GALLOWS]’: The kenning alludes to the hanging of Hagbarðr by Sigarr, whose daughter Hagbarðr is courting. The story is known best from Saxo Grammaticus (Saxo 2005, I, 7, 7, 1-17, pp. 464-77) but for its currency in skaldic poetry see KormǪ Lv 4V (Korm 4). The kenning has counterparts in Þjóð Yt 9/11-12 and Sigv ErfÓl 1/8. For the image of ‘riding the gallows’, see Þjóð Yt 9/10, 11-12.




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