Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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Anon Lil 31VII/8 — persóna ‘person’

Loftin öll af ljósi fyllaz;
legir á grundu stóðu og undraz;
kúguð sjálf af nærri nógu
náttúran sier ekki mátti.
Giftiz öndin guðdóms krafti
góð og huldiz Máríu blóði;
glaðrar dvelz í jungfrú iðrum
ein persóna þrennrar greinar.

Öll loftin fyllaz af ljósi; legir á grundu stóðu og undraz; sjálf náttúran, nærri kúguð af nógu, mátti sier ekki. Góð öndin giftiz krafti guðdóms og huldiz blóði Máríu; ein persóna þrennrar greinar dvelz í iðrum glaðrar jungfrú.

All the heavens are filled with light, the waters on the earth stood and were amazed; nature itself, all but sufficiently compelled, was unable to help itself. The good soul was wed to the power of the Godhead and hid itself in the blood of Mary; one person of the threefold branch takes up dwelling in the womb of the joyful virgin.


[8] persóna: persónan 99a, 713, persóna í 622


[8] ein persóna þrennrar greinar ‘one person of the threefold branch’: One of the three persons (the theological term for God the Father, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit) who make up the three ‘branches’ of the Trinity. The epithet is tautological: it is the equivalent of ‘one person of the three persons’ or ‘one branch of the three branches’. Cf. HómÍsl 1993, 29v: …guþ fꜵþor almátkan. oc ſun oc anda helgan. Þriár greiner oc eitt veʟde ‘God the Father almighty, and Son and Holy Spirit: three branches and one authority’.



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