Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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Eskál Lv 3I/8 — þinn ‘Your’

Þat kvað jarl at æri
unnviggs fyr haf sunnan,
þás á seima særi
sárelda spor vôru:
‘Ǫllungis hefr illa,
eybaugs, ef skalt deyja,
— víst hyggjum þat — viggja
valdr, þinn faðir haldit.’

Jarl kvað þat at æri unnviggs fyr sunnan haf, þás spor sárelda vôru á særi seima: ‘Faðir þinn hefr haldit ǫllungis illa, ef skalt deyja, valdr viggja eybaugs; hyggjum þat víst.’

The jarl said that to the messenger of the wave-steed [SHIP > SEAFARER = Þorleifr skúma] south of the sea, when tracks of wound-fires [SWORDS > WOUNDS] were upon the wounder of riches [GENEROUS MAN]: ‘Your father has undergone extreme hardship if you must die, ruler of steeds of the island-ring [SEA > SHIPS > SEAFARER]; we [I] think so certainly.’


[5, 8] faðir þinn hefr haldit ǫllungis illa ‘your father has undergone extreme hardship’: Lit. ‘has undergone hardship completely’. This depends upon the ON idiom halda illa ‘to undergo hardship’, which also occurs in Anon (MH) 1/5II (and cf. Hollander 1917, 198).



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