Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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Edáð Banddr 4I/3 — áðr ‘earlier’

Mærr vann miklu fleiri
malmhríð jǫfurr síðan
áðr frôgum þat — aðra,
Eirekr und sik geira.
þás garð-Váli gerði
Gotlands vala strandir
Virfils vítt of herjat.
Veðrmildr ok semr hildi.

Mærr jǫfurr vann síðan miklu fleiri aðra malmhríð, — frôgum þat áðr — Eirekr und sik geira … þás Virfils vala garð-Váli gerði strandir Gotlands of herjat vítt. Veðrmildr ok semr hildi …

The renowned leader then fought many more other metal-storms [BATTLES], — we [I] learned that earlier — Eiríkr under himself of spears … when the Váli <god> of the enclosure of the horses of Virfill <sea-king> [(lit. ‘enclosure-Váli of the horses of Virfill’) SHIPS > SHIELD > WARRIOR] had the coasts of Gotland raided far and wide. Storm-generous and contrives warfare …


[3] áðr: so F, 61, 53, 54, Bb, Flat, áðr corrected from ‘æðr’ apparently in a later hand , eðr J1ˣ, J2ˣ


[3] áðr ‘earlier’: The variant eðr ‘again’ is also possible, but áðr has stronger ms. support and is more compatible with the pret. verb frôgum ‘we [I] learned’.



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