Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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ESk Lv 1II/2 — þinns ‘your’

Þér hefk, þengill Mœra,
þinns vegr mikill — segja,
(ert) svát eigi skortir,
(allfróðr) sǫgu góða.
Eigis Ívarr, bauga
— enn sitt kyrr hjá henni —
fægirjóðr, af Fljóðum
fingrmjór kominn hingat.

Þengill Mœra, hefk góða sǫgu segja þér, svát eigi skortir; vegr þinns mikill; ert allfróðr. Fægirjóðr bauga, eigis fingrmjór Ívarr af Fljóðum kominn hingat; sitt enn kyrr hjá henni.

Lord of the Mœrir [NORWEGIAN KING = Sigurðr], I have good tidings to tell you, so that there is no lack of it; your glory is great; you are most wise. Reddener of shields [WARRIOR], slender-fingered Ívarr af Fljóðum (‘from Fløan’) has not come here; continue to stay quietly with her.



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