Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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ESk Geisl 43VII/2 — hjaldrs ‘of battle’

Hneitir, frák, at héti,
hjaldrs at vápna galdri,
Óláfs hjǫrr, þess’s orra
ilbleikum gaf steikar.
Þeim klauf þengill Rauma
þunnvaxin ský gunnar
— rekin bitu stôl — á Stikla-
stǫðum valbastar rǫðli.

Frák, at hjǫrr Óláfs, þess’s gaf steikar ilbleikum orra hjaldrs at galdri vápna, héti Hneitir. Þeim rǫðli valbastar klauf þengill Rauma þunnvaxin ský gunnar á Stiklastǫðum; rekin stôl bitu.

I heard that the sword of Óláfr, who gave meat to the pale-footed blackcock of battle [RAVEN] at the chant of weapons [BATTLE], was called Hneitir. With that sun of the sword-hilt [SWORD] the king of the Raumar [= Óláfr] clove the thin-grown clouds of battle [SHIELDS] at Stiklestad; inlaid steel weapons bit.




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