Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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BjKálfs Lv 1II/4 — menn ‘chieftains’

Fant sék hvern á hesti,
— hérs nú siðr inn vesti —
— leið eigum vér langa —
en lendir menn ganga.
Hirðmenn skulu hlaupa,
— hér esat gótt til kaupa —
— munkak mǫrgu kvíða —
en matsveinar ríða.

Sék hvern fant á hesti, en lendir menn ganga; hérs nú inn vesti siðr; vér eigum langa leið. Hirðmenn skulu hlaupa, en matsveinar ríða; hér esat gótt til kaupa; munkak kvíða mǫrgu.

I see every servant on a horse and the district chieftains are walking; now here’s the worst habit; we have a long way [to go]. The retainers must run and the cooks are riding; there is no good bargain here; I’m not going to fear much.


[4] menn: menn skulu 81a


[4] lendir menn ‘the district chieftains’: See Note to Þham Magndr 1/6-7.



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