Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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Anon (Sv) 5II/2 — vápna ‘of weapons’

Mánadag kvaddi níðingr sína
menn; drífu hart til vápna sennu
— Þúfuskíter þrífisk eigi —
þann morgin til Sverrisborgar.
Ýtar reistu merki at móti
margar stengr, ok bǫrðusk lengi;
Baglar standa í banni allir;
brunnu skip, þás kappar runnu.

Mánadag kvaddi níðingr menn sína; drífu hart til sennu vápna þann morgin til Sverrisborgar; Þúfuskíter þrífisk eigi! Ýtar reistu merki at móti, margar stengr, ok bǫrðusk lengi; allir Baglar standa í banni; skip brunnu, þás kappar runnu.

On Monday, the wretch summoned his men; they gathered quickly to the quarrel of weapons [BATTLE] that morning, to Sverresborg; may Þúfuskíter (‘Hillock-shit’) never thrive! People raised standards against them, many poles, and they fought for a long time; all Baglar are excommunicated; ships burned, when champions fled.




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