Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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Anon (Mberf) 5II/3 — vôpn ‘weapons’

Spurði gramr, hvat gerði
Giffarðr, þars lið barðisk;
vér ruðum vôpn í dreyra;
vasat hann kominn þannig.
Framreiðar vas fnauði
fulltrauðr á jó rauðum;
villat * flokk várn fylla;
falsk riddari inn valski.

Gramr spurði, hvat Giffarðr gerði, þars lið barðisk; vér ruðum vôpn í dreyra; hann vasat kominn þannig. Fnauði vas fulltrauðr framreiðar á rauðum jó; villat * fylla flokk várn; inn valski riddari falsk.

The lord asked what Giffarðr was doing where the troop fought; we reddened weapons in blood; he had not come there. The coward was extremely reluctant to advance on his chestnut steed; he does not wish to complete our company; the Norman knight was hiding.



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