Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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Anon Sól 74VII/1 — Hávar ‘tall’

Hávar reiðir        sá ek með himnum fara;
        þær eigu götur til guðs;
menn þeim stýra,        er myrðir eru
        alls fyrir öngvar sakir.

Ek sá hávar reiðir fara með himnum; þær eigu götur til guðs; menn stýra þeim, er eru myrðir fyrir alls öngvar sakir.

I saw tall wagons journeying along the heavens; they have paths to God; men drive them who are murdered for no cause [lit. causes] at all.


[1] Hávar: háir papp15ˣ, 1441ˣ


[1] hávar reiðir ‘tall wagons’: Paasche (1948, 194) and Njörður Njarðvík (1991, 98) compare the flaming chariot which bears Elias to heaven in 2 Kings II.11.



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