Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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Anon Sól 56VII/5 — hreina ‘pure’

Norðan sá ek ríða        niðja sonu
        ok váru sjau saman;
hornum fullum        drukku þeir inn hreina mjöð
        ór brunni Baugreyris.

Ek sá sonu niðja ríða norðan ok váru sjau saman; þeir drukku inn hreina mjöð ór brunni Baugreyris fullum hornum.

I saw the sons of the dark phases of the moon riding from the north, and they were seven together; they drank the pure mead from the well of Baugreyrir out of full horns.


[5] hreina: hreinu 10575ˣ


[5] inn hreina mjöð ‘the pure mead’: Larrington (2002, 189) notes that mead, well and horn are symbolic of wisdom in mythological poetry, in particular where they appear together in Sigrdr 13-18; here they also have positive associations.



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