Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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Anon Pl 9VII/1 — vǫrðr ‘keeper’

‘Hræzkat vǫrðr, þótt verðir,
— vest traustr ok ger hraustla —
fremðar lystr, í freistni,
fránskíðs, af mér, Vánar.
Þinn mun huggun hreinni,
hers skins, trega minka,
enn skalt, ôrr, til þinnar
ástskýrðr koma dýrðar.’

‘Hræzkat, fremðar lystr vǫrðr fránskíðs Vánar, þótt verðir í freistni af mér; vest traustr ok ger hraustla. Hreinni huggun mun minka trega þinn; ôrr skins hers, enn skalt koma, ástskýrðr, til dýrðar þinnar.’

‘Do not fear, glory-desiring keeper of the shining ski of Vôn <river> [SHIP > SEAFARER], even though you come into trial through me; be confident and act bravely. With pure consolation I will lessen your sorrow; messenger of the shine of war [SWORD > WARRIOR], yet you shall come, purified by love, to your glory.’



case: nom.


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