Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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Anon Pl 57VII/6 — rekka ‘of men’

Gerðu, grœnnar jarðar,
fug es …izk hǫfðu,
eklaust ítrum þakkir
ǫll … gram snjǫllum,
áðr til Rúms frá rómu
rekka sveit með teitri
sigrgladdr snilli prýddri
sóknstœrandi fœri.

Ǫll gerðu eklaust þakkir ítrum, snjǫllum gram … grœnnar jarðar, esfug hǫfðu …izk, áðr sigrgladdr sóknstœrandi fœri frá rómu til Rúms með teitri, snilli prýddri sveit rekka.

They all gave thanks profusely to the glorious, brave ruler … of the green earth [SKY/HEAVEN? > = God], when the noble ones had …, before the victory-glad attack-increaser [WARRIOR] returned from the battle to Rome with the cheerful, courage-adorned band of men.


[6] rekka sveit: ‘[...]’ 673b, 673bÞH, rekka sveit(?) 673bSE, ‘[...]it’ 673bFJ


[7] rekka sveit ‘band of men’: This reading is found in Sveinbjörn Egilsson’s notes to the transcription of the poem, but is not incorporated into his text of Pl.



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