Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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Anon Pl 56VII/6 — kannaðisk ‘acknowledged’

Kenndusk hjú, þás handa-
h… - þǫp…-
atburð - elda - Nirði-
ormvangs, - hvé - kom - þangat.-
Beiði-Þrór við báða
buri kannaðisk sanna,
armlinns, œsku sinnar
…ld… þ…ðu.

Hjú kenndusk, þás h… þǫp… ormvangs … Nirði elda handa atburð, hvé kom þangat. Beiði-Þrór armlinns kannaðisk við báða buri sanna … œsku sinnar.

The husband and wife recognised each other when the … of the serpent-ground [GOLD > WOMAN] [told] the Njǫrðr <god> of the fires of arms [ARM-RINGS > MAN] the events, how she had got there. The demanding-Þrór <= Óðinn> of the arm-snake [ARM-RING > MAN] acknowledged both as his true sons … of their youth.


[6] buri kannaðisk: ‘b[...]ri[...]’ 673b


[6] buri, kannaðisk: Emendations proposed by Finnur Jónsson 1887.



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