Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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Anon Pl 26VII/6 — þínu ‘your’

Ok þás heiptar hnekkir
harmtvistr sona missti,
dýrðar vôttr — við dróttin
dælt gerði sér — mæ*lti:
‘Éls, halt við mik máli
(míns freistat nú) þínu,
frægr valderir foldar
(framar en Jóbs ins gamla).

Ok þás harmtvistr hnekkir heiptar missti sona, mæ*lti vôttr dýrðar — gerði sér dælt við dróttin —: ‘Halt við mik máli þínu, frægr valderir foldar éls; nús mín freistat framar en ins gamla Jóbs.

And when the sorrow-muted subduer of wrath [HOLY MAN] lost his sons, the witness of glory [MARTYR] spoke — addressed the Lord familiarly —: ‘Keep your promise to me, renowned ruler of the ground of the storm [SKY/HEAVEN > = God]; now I have been tried harder than Job the old [was].



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