Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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Anon Pl 11VII/4 — stef ‘refrain’

Fúss emk fremðar lýsi
fritt, ef þat mák hitta,
— Kristr fremr hodda hristi —
hugblíðum stef smíða.
Hlaut, sás œztr es ýta,
íðn Plácitus fríða;
Evstákíus ævi
albazta sér valði.

Emk fúss smíða hugblíðum lýsi fremðar fritt stef, ef mák hitta þat; Kristr fremr hristi hodda. Plácitus, sás œztr es ýta, hlaut fríða íðn; Evstákíus valði sér albazta ævi.

I am eager to compose an attractive refrain for the gentle illuminator of honour [HONOURABLE MAN = Plácitus], if I may come upon it; Christ promotes the shaker of hoards [GENEROUS MAN]. Plácitus, who is the highest of men, was allotted a glorious task; Eustace chose for himself the very best life.



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