Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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Anon Pl 1VII/5 — raun ‘an ordeal’

... gengit,
fjǫrnis valdr kvað foldar
frægr: ‘nú mun þér lægjask.
Mjúks, skalt mannraun slíka,
morðlinns boði, finna
— vestu í frægri freistni
framr — sem Jób inn gamli’.

...gengit, frægr valdr fjǫrnis foldar kvað: ‘nú mun þér lægjask. Finna skalt, boði mjúks morðlinns, slíka mannraun sem Jób inn gamli; vestu framr í frægri freistni’.

...gone, the renowned ruler of the helmet of the earth [SKY/HEAVEN > = God] spoke: ‘now you will be humbled. Messenger of the smooth battle-serpent [SWORD > WARRIOR], you will undergo such an ordeal as Job the old [did]; be bold in a trial [which will be] famous.


[5] mannraun: ‘mannra[...]’ 673b, mannraun 673bHE


[5] mannraun ‘ordeal, trial of strength’: Also st. 12/4, when Plácitus is tried by having all his animals and household perish; in this instance mannraun also appears in the C text of the prose saga (Tucker 1998, 31, l. 101). The word is also used in Anon Mhkv 7/8III of the ordeal of the biblical hero Eleazar (Eljárnir), who was crushed beneath an elephant (1 Macc. VI.43-7).



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