Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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Anon Nkt 63II/4 — ok ‘and’

Vas sókndjarfr
sonr Kristínar
sjautján vetr
ok sex konungr,
unz ágætr
austr í Sogni
frœkinn gram*
felldi Sverrir.

Sókndjarfr sonr Kristínar vas konungr sjautján vetr ok sex, unz ágætr Sverrir felldi frœkinn gram* austr í Sogni.

The battle-brave son of Kristín [= Magnús] was king for seventeen years and six, until renowned Sverrir killed the bold ruler east in Sogn.


[4] ok sex: í samt Flat


[4] ok sex ‘and six’: The ms. reading (í samt ‘altogether’) is corrupt because Magnús Erlingsson ruled Norway for twenty-three years (1161-84). It could be that the scribe misread the abbreviation for ok ‘and’ as <i> and then tried to make sense of the l. The emendation is in keeping with earlier eds.



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