Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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Anon Nkt 30II/3 — kynjað*r ‘family’

Reisti her
hilmi á móti
kynjað*r vel
Kalfr ok Þórir.
Þar vas felldr
fylkir Þrœnda,
sem staðir
Stikla heita.

Kalfr, vel kynjað*r, ok Þórir reisti her á móti hilmi. Fylkir Þrœnda vas felldr þar, sem heita Stiklastaðir.

Kálfr, of good family, and Þórir raised an army against the ruler. The lord of the Þrœndir [NORWEGIAN KING = Óláfr] was killed at the place called Stiklestad.


[3] kynjað*r: kynjaðir Flat


[3] kynjað*r (m. nom. sg.) ‘of good kin’: The Flat reading kynjaðir (m. nom. pl.) ‘of good kin’ creates a hypermetrical l. and has been emended in accordance with most earlier eds.



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