Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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Anon Nkt 19II/4 — ráðs ‘counsel’

Missti lítt,
sús lǫgum stýrði,
rekka kind,
ráðs ins bezta,
þá es norðr
í Nóregi
kristinn mann
til konungs tóku.

Kind rekka, sús stýrði lǫgum, missti lítt ins bezta ráðs, þá es tóku kristinn mann til konungs norðr í Nóregi.

The offspring of heroes, who controlled the laws, little lacked the best counsel when they elected a Christian man king north in Norway.


[4] ráðs: ráð Flat


[4] ráðs (n. gen. sg.) ‘counsel’: Ráð (nom./acc. sg.) has been emended to agree with the adj. ins bezta ‘the best’ (gen. sg.).



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